Education is by far one of the few areas that has not had any positive disruption thus far. Ironic that globally the education industry, and especially in India, continues to follow traditional black or sometimes white board, now PC/iPad/Mobile screens and/or books. In India, the burden of marks robs away the innovative streak. Aimed at alleviating this situation, STEM Academy of USA has for long diligently engaged in pioneering research and eventually evolved a far-reaching, visionary, impactful, structured approach to creative learning. This would lead to a resurgence of a new genre of creators with emphasis on girls to initiate them into engineering and technological pursuits instead of losing interest and moving into humanities. To our knowledge, no one in the industry is giving as much value borne out of 3.5 years of painstaking effort and enormous upfront investment as STEM Academy of USA. Our key focus is practical hands-on learning.


We are committed to giving the best quality in STEM education because we profoundly respect every school’s vision and idealism about instilling innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship amongst the students transforming them into global citizens. We wish to see the institutions implementing our strategy out in the forefront as role model schools for others to emulate by example.

Governed by this goal we endeavor to create Centres of Excellence in each town which will serve as hub to not only train Master trainers who in turn will train other teachers and make it a remunerative model but also catalyze, inspire and motivate teachers and Principals to initiate STEM learning in schools all over the region