Board of Directors

Dr. Paddy Sharma is a well-known person in business & social circles in Georgia: an Entreprenuer, Business person, and a Philanthropist. She is very active in the community and holds key positions such as Trustee of Clayton State University Foundation and Director of Indian American Cultural Association. Dr. Paddy recevied her doctorate form Vanderbilt University and values the educational systems with high regards.

Dr. Paddy also started “FIHI Hope Foundation” a charity organization that helps young students to have a constructive effect of good education and clean living.

A true rotarian, leads the Rotary Club of Clayton county with a notion of “Service above Self”. She is also a member of many non-profit organizations; her philanthropic and welfare activities touched many lives across the world.

Dr. Paddy’s outstanding commitment and dedicated services to the business and community was recognized when the proclamation of “Outstanding Georgia Citizen” was presented by the secretary of state of Georgia in 2009.

Dr. Saibaba Arcot has been a long standing life science educator with 30 years of class room experience. Currently, he is the only Educator in the USA teaching epidemiology to high school seniors.Dr. Arcot is a CDC trained science ambassador, spreading good word of public health in the community.

Dr. Arcot earned his doctorate in Botany from Osmania University, India in 1990. His research papers are published in American, German and Indian science journals. He has authored two state mandated textbooks on Biology in India, with a readership of more than hundred thousand students. Many of his students are successful medical doctors and dentists across the globe.

Dr. Arcot is also known in social circles in Atlanta for organizing international music events and fashion shows. On the philanthropic side, he is currently working on a free public library project for  South Asians on a public private partnership. Impressed with President Obama’s STEM vision, Dr. Arcot along with Dr. Paddy Sharma mooted the idea of STEM Academy of USA to spread STEM education into developing and underdeveloped third wold countries, especially to revolutionize teaching methods in those nations.

His focus is on project and inquiry based learning to make students true global citizens and face the ever evolving scientific community.

Mr.Nityanand Aelgani is a Math and Physics Educator with 15 years of international teaching experience. He has a Bachelors and  a Masters degree in Science from Osmania University, India. He also has an advance Diploma in Software Technologies.

Mr. Aelgani is very passionate about imparting STEM education. Throughout his journey, he has gained versatile experiences. Apart from teaching, he worked as an administrator, curriculum coordinator and a soccer coach. He is also a STEM certified educator.

Dr. Amitabh Sharma

A serial entrepreneur, Dr. Sharma is an educationist at heart and spirit. A passionate goal oriented inveterate optimist, Dr. Sharma has excelled in International marketing, founded and promoted several companies and projects in IT, Education, Renewable Energy, Skill development, Training and Philanthropy.

He wears multiple hats and is adept with multitasking. In addition to  serving on numerous other for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, he also serves as the chair of Atlanta Leadership Council with American India Foundation .

Dr. Sharma has Bachelors of Science, Masters in Business Administration, Bachelors of Law and Doctorate in Marketing. Versatile with worldwide business strategy and operations, he is widely traveled in United States, Europe, Latin America, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, China, South Africa, Mexico, India and other countries. He thrives on his aptitude to assimilate divergent tasks and bringing them to fruition thru his extensive international experience as senior marketing and management professional.