STEM Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) drawn from education, business, corporate, engineering, policy etc. have, guided by the Director of Content Development, produced world-class STEM Curriculum Modules customized for Indian classrooms aligned with local syllabi. All of our Modules are structured to be administered in a group-setting to accentuate peer-to-peer learning and are organized into period-length blocks where teachers adopt the role of Facilitators as opposed to Instructors. Each Module is thoughtfully crafted with an over-arching Challenge drilled further into sub-challenges dwelling on relevant grade-wise Science or Math concepts intertwined with Engineering and Technology. The assimilation of true knowledge results from solving complex real-world problems such as those contained in each Module where the SMEs have meticulously ensured that students relate comfortably to situations which are authentic, applicable and actionable.

Sincere thanks and gratitude to our team of content developers :

Nathan Williams : All Aboard or Abandon Ship, Colonizing the Moon, Get Ready to be Blown Away, Zoo Redesign, Metrics, Microbes & Microscopy

Eric Knapp : Don't Fight Natural Selection: Wear It!, Stop Flying & Start Floating, Cut the Commute, Launch into Learning, Caught in a Snap, Shhh You're Hurting My Ears, Take My Breath Away, Bridging the Infrastructure Gap, 'Chuting for More Market Share-Designing Parachutes for Drones, Shake, Rattle and Roll

Amitpal Singh : Soak up the Sun, Backyard to Table

Sherrod Camp : Extreme Makeover- Playground Edition

Maha Khan : Deposit Karma, Not Acid, DiVinci was Wrong, Murray was Right

Kausar Mehaboob : Away with Toxins- Biosolarization, Ditch the Drink – Spherification!

Jenny Hinkman-Ronquillo : Putting Geometry to the Test!

Antoinette Brown-Richards : Eye Can See You, But Can You See Me Pupils?!

Blair Wood : No Need for a New Knee- Brace It!

Kania Greer : Building a Better You

Celine Manoosingh: Cyclone