Executive Team

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STEM Academy is promoted and led by educationists with the aim of ushering in a new era in education through the philosophy of ‘education to innovate’. The new learning paradigm accrues from innumerable man-years of rich experience interacting with educational institutions, school owners, Principals, managements, teachers, parents and students in the US, India and across the world. The unique perspective that the Leadership brings is state-of-the-art STEM strategy tailored to Indian standards such that it is designed to adapt and bring imminent and assured results assisting teachers to accomplish their task conveniently and triggering creativity amongst students, preparing them holistically for successful lives.

Executive Team

Dr. Amitabh Sharma
Founder & CEO

US based serial entrepreneur, Dr. Sharma is an educationist at heart and spirit. He has B.Sc. (Honors) Physics, MBA, LLB, and PhD in Marketing. A goal oriented inveterate optimist, he has excelled in international marketing, he has founded and promoted several companies in IT, Education, Renewable Energy, Skill development, Training and Philanthropy. In addition to his association with numerous for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, he also serves as the chair of Atlanta Leadership Council with American India Foundation. His passion is to create legacy through positive disruption in Education via structured STEM implementation in schools.

Dr. Paddy Sharma

US based educationist entrepreneur, Dr. Sharma is passionate about Indian education. She received her PhD from Vanderbilt University, TN, USA. She is a Rotarian, Trustee on the Board of Clayton State University Foundation, Director of Indian American Cultural Association and as a member of many NGOs, her philanthropic activities have touched lives across the world. She created “FIHI Hope Foundation” a charity organization that helps young underprivileged students acquire education and living standard. Her mission is to transform through the gift of applied scientific education to Indian children so that they become innovative world leaders.

Nathan E. Williams
Director Content Development

US based Lead Educator with 15 years experience, Nathan Williams is the Chair Science Department and STEM Advocate with Dekalb county school system in GA, USA. Versatile with STEM integration and teaching pedagogy and as a STEM Master Trainer, he is a true proponent of Project based learning, Technological solutions and best practices in Education. As a true STEM champion, he loves inspiring students, promoting STEM careers & critical thinking. He is a STEM subject matter expert with a passion for leading and developing modular STEM content, organizing Science Decathlons/Olympiads, Robotics and Engineering challenges and Techbowls. He has an impeccable quality record achieving high standards through excellence.

Deepti Aggarwal
Training Co-ordinator

Deepti is a Bachelor in Technology with 5 years of experience in Education. Worked in various renowned organisations as a teaching Faculty. Completed Bachelor’s in Education and made remarkable strides with STEM implementation over past 5 years. She is responsible for overall coordination, school outreach, STEM implementation in schools, teacher training as Master Trainer, resourcing, recruitment, personnel management, Office Admin, School programs and Center of Excellence, over several locations including Delhi NCR, Pune, Agra, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Ladakh, Agra et al. She also handles demos, pilot programs, CBSE teacher workshops, PTMs and events with her team.

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