Letter From Founders

Dear friends,

Indian Prime Minister Modi, during one of his visits to USA, encouraged NRIs to bring in innovative education and skill development models to India. As educationist founders, STEM Academy set about the onerous yet fulfilling task to introduce hands-on practical project-based experiential learning. A blueprint was drawn, a team was garnered and thus began the arduous journey to changing the educational landscape of Indian schools.

STEM Education – Spreading Stem, Unearthing Genius

It is impossible to imagine living in a world without the many man-made innovations which we enjoy on a day to day basis. Right from the moment we wake up every single day, we are exposed to a complex scientific web in one way or another. Our social life, daily needs, and careers revolve around science, its applications and innovations. This is why four fields, i.e. science, technology; engineering and mathematics (STEM), in an interdisciplinary fashion, have a ton of scope moving forward. In today’s life, proper education is a basic need for everyone. Hence, STEM Academy of USA ventured to fill the vacuum with its modular and structured approach to propagate its unique hands-on STEM learning pedagogy to carve genius from our student community.

STEM Academy of USA, Atlanta, USA based company develops and constantly upgrades STEM curriculum while MPower Global STEM Education, based in Gurugram customizes the curriculum to Indian schools’ specific requirements. Together, as if music to the ears, they provide invention-oriented STEM education to school children in India. STEM education is driven by the fact that Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics are interwoven and the integrated application of one involves the use of one or more of the others. Rather than the conventional approach, modules under STEM permeate through all four fields, integrating them through a hands-on, practical, discovery and learning oriented interactive model. This way, learners can understand and appreciate the interdependency and also learn to apply these subjects in their careers and/or daily lives. STEM Academy’s thoughtfully designed grade-wise STEM content along with DIY tool kits use unique yet relevant challenges, style and technique by which a student can learn better than the conventional system. One of the main reasons for promoting STEM way of education in India is to give the student capability of out-of-the-box creative thinking.

Children aged between 7 and 16 (Grades 4 thru 10) - to be successively extended to K thru 3- are the target audience since they are old enough to understand, yet young enough to absorb, internalize and have ideas germinate in their fertile minds as they become adults. MPower Global and STEM Academy of USA are working on this initiative since it is imperative for tomorrow’s citizens to have at least a basic education in STEM primarily owing to the following reasons:

  • Our lives are becoming increasingly dependent on science and its applications. Without an elementary understanding, we would be lost in all aspects of our lives. Since the future holds more advancement, children need to be aware of what goes on in an integral part of their present and future.
  • With an increase in pollution, contamination and radiation, efficient and effective applications of science are necessary to enjoy a sustainable and safe life. Such innovations cannot be made or commercialized without a background in STEM.
  • Rather than technology being in control of us, we must be able to harness its power and use it in a way that is beneficial for us. For this, an understanding of STEM is essential.

Instead of the traditional approach to teaching subjects, STEM education involves a practical and hands-on approach so that students are able to inquire, analyze and find solutions for themselves which helps them grasp and assimilate science and math concepts in a manner that sticks with them throughout their lives. This yields higher performance standards all around. 

Countries such as the US, Canada, and Australia have taken initiatives to promote STEM education, thus recognizing and acting on the need for it. By taking a step forward in making our children truly educated in advanced fields, leading schools in India are endorsing STEM Academy of USA by aligning their activities with Prime Minister Modi’s vision of Indians being more skilled, innovative, professionally educated and employable.​​​ More power to them…..

We humbly and sincerely urge a meaningful engagement with STEM Academy and becoming a part of a welcome revolution- a positively disruptive change.


The Founders