There are four major stakeholders in every educational institution- Principal/Management/Ownership, Teachers, Students and Parents. The success or failure of any concept permeates through the fabric of the school encompassing all stakeholders.

Interestingly, our unique STEM pedagogy, its delivery and its substance has unequivocally appealed to every segment of the school systems that we have presented to. It is testimony to in-depth research, fine tuning and adaptation of practical hands-on do-it-yourself learning methodology customized to Indian classrooms.

We have been extremely well received by a plethora of schools all across India and are being humbled by the euphoric response towards implementing our total STEM Solution to evolve a new India.

We are proud to be attempting to change the paradigm and inculcating an innovative streak in Indian schooling. We are confident that with the motivation, inspiration and continued overwhelming support of all stakeholders, we will be able to leave a legacy of resurging India at its discovering pinnacle.


Trump on USD $200 million STEM funding

President Donald Trump unveiled a new program at the White House on Monday to boost education in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), with a particular focus on computer science and coding.
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Ivanka Trump spearheads $200M STEM effort

President Donald Trump directed the Education Department to invest a minimum of $200 million in grant funding each year to expand STEM and computer science education in schools, signing a presidential memorandum Monday.
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