Mission Statement


To be a catalyst prime mover to usher-in a positively disruptive transformation in Indian education aimed at chiseling creativity, out-of-the-box thinking and innovation which catapults India to its pinnacle of intellectual and scientific glory.


To believe that we are in right place at the right time aimed at the right opportunity armed with the right potential, core strength and fundamental capacity so as to bring about effective implementation of practical project-focused challenge-oriented education.


To ensure that students and teachers become effective users of a new hands-on guided-discovery pedagogy and challenge based solution oriented learning methodology that empowers students to be critical thinkers, skillful researchers, enthusiastic inventors, real life problem solvers and ethical leaders with a global holistic perspective.


To develop and implement a cohesive, interactive, collaborative, peer to peer, ease of understanding and simple teacher-facilitated learn-by-doing curriculum and learning environment that helps all stakeholders- students, teachers, school administrators, parents- appreciate the significance and power of hands-on experiential learning leading to meaningful STEM careers.