Convenient 4 step process
Transform your Classrooms into Innovation labs

Step 1: Introductory demo presentation (for Director, Principal, Owner, Management, Science/Math Teachers, Students, Parents- free of charge)

STEM Academy conducts free demo presentations on mutually convenient and acceptable date/time schedules to help decide if STEM excites you….we know for sure it will because it is uniquely tailored to your school as per the syllabi that you follow. Such demos are enthusiastically received as a pre-cursor to STEM implementation.

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Step 2: Teacher training and certification at School/Center of Excellence (for Science/Math teachers- charge per teacher)

STEM Academy organizes teacher training workshops conducted either by US trainers or Master Trainers prepared by US experts over 5 full days. The teachers realize how easy, convenient and logical the STEM strategy is to they fulfilling their obligation of timely completing their syllabus, students achieving good marks/grades, truly understanding the Science and Math concepts, acquiring capability towards application and harnessing creative talent. The role of teachers shifts from being an instructor to a facilitator.

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Step 3: Pilot STEM week (for Students - charge per student)

STEM Academy recommends piloting a STEM week program to get the feet wet. This enables the school managements, teachers, students and parents get a flavor of how STEM benefits and positively impacts the learning standard. It also assists in removing kinks in implementation, if any.

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Step 4: Year-long STEM program knit into school time table (for Students- charge per student per month)

STEM Academy offers structured framework of IP/ copyright protected STEM curriculum modules aligned to Indian syllabus implemented as part of school time-table from Grade 4 to 10. School is at liberty to introduce STEM curriculum in all grades through year - long program under a contract.

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The Key To Creative Learning - Focus On Process, Not Result

Programs Design Process

Exchange programs

Student and teacher exchange programs are organized where Indian children travel to the US and participate in STEM-oriented activities and visits to knowledge sites like NASA, CDC, STEM labs, innovations centers, Science museums etc. They also compete and share with international students in Olympiads.

STEM Training and certification for teachers is also organized to fine tune STEM pedagogy and delivery skills so teachers can become adept, aside from being motivated.