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STEM Academy of USA successfully served schools across NCR in 2019 drawing wide accolades from the school community including Principal, managements, teachers, students and parents. Several schools outside of NCR i.e. Dehradun, Agra, Jammu, Pune, Indore have expressed serious interest in implementing STEM through the company. Navodaya Vidyalas, DAV and similar large education groups too have evinced interest. Over 1200 Science and Math teachers were trained all over India in STEM pedagogy under the aegis of CBSE. PISA questions were designed at the behest of CBSE and students as well as teachers were oriented how to address PISA competition. The company also operated a Center of Excellence in Delhi with providing in-house training to students and teachers. Lately in 2020, the company has adapted to providing solutions in step with the current pandemic lockdown situation. Virtual STEM sessions are being provided through newly crafted STEM modules based on a host of exciting and syllabus-mapped engaging subjects including 3D modeling and design, Coding and sequential programming, Scratch, electronic, circuitry, CAD and App & game development, CAD, Biomedical science, Disaster management, Agriculture, Civil engineering, Sketching and poster making, Renewable energy, Aerodynamics, Chemical Engineering, Life sciences. The company’s USP and strength is customizing STEM offerings for a variety of environments.

STEM Academy of USA has adapted and Indianized the content aligned to local syllabus but also opening doors and paying way for Indian schools to appreciate and endear STEM based learning.

Bringing a new concept to market is a challenge because there is invariably an obvious resentment to change. Here comes the role of a dynamic, dedicated and an inveterate optimist partner company who is not only passionate about education but committed to bringing a positively disruptive change in Indian education landscape so that a fresh genre of innovative youth drives India to its pinnacle of glory through astute business and social leadership.

STEM in Indian schools

It is a big paradigm shift but incessant hard work and convincing prowess backed by impeccable product quality and service offering at affordable price and an overarching vision to serve the community to usher-in excellence and bring about innovative change amongst Indian students is bearing rich dividends.

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Blessed with an astute, aggressive and professional team, STEM Academy believes success is the only result that accrues from tenacious work. From adaptation and customization of STEM content (including challenges and tool-kits) to Indian scenario to identifying and organizing training for teachers and Master Trainers, from organizing STEM pilots to initializing schools into year-long structured STEM programs, from baby steps to enlarging STEM footprint in the country, STEM Academy is a tireless crusader in bringing about lasting legacy creating impact in the educational landscape of India.