STEM Year 2017-18

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We will embark upon structured STEM implementation for entire academic year. We shall provide up to 8 STEM concepts/modules per class, with tools, kits, student/teacher manuals to commence regular weekly STEM sessions aligned with CBSE curriculum for Grades 4 through 9.

Each weekly STEM lab session would be 75 minutes long conducted in designated/dedicated STEM lab space allocated within the school premises. Class of 30 students, for example, would be split into 5 batches of 6 students each who would pursue collaborative STEM learning.

The hardware and software requirements would include STEM lab (500+ sq ft room) with power connections and Wi-Fi, one overhead projector with computer & screen, 6-8 round tables and chairs (furniture) for student seating in groups and 5 laptops or desktops or Ipads. All other STEM tools and kits will be provided by us. We would sign STEM implementation agreement and will share with the school a list as well as details of the STEM concepts and teachers would be free to tweak them per their needs with our interactive help.