Why India

Education in India is known worldwide for its ancient history in the field of science and mathematics. From the invention of zero to some striking findings in the early Vedic periods to creating a space for them in the world of Silicon Valley, Indians have always managed to do the rounds in the conventions of geniuses and academic leaders. But sadly, this leadership failed to transcend the annals of industry, manufacturing and international trade because the trend declined over the past few decades. India needs more emphasis on STEM literacy.

The best possible starting point is to get to the root of the problem. Experiential learning can get the best of talents in students with hands-on learning equipment at the school level itself. Schools across the country should equip themselves well to inculcate the interest to acquire STEM education in students and get them started early.

The concept of Mini Science Centers is a welcome innovation to promote STEM education in India. By giving emphasize on experiential learning in the country, subjects like science and math can be made fun to learn. These portable science models can help teachers to easily explain even difficult concepts to the students making science fun.