Sunita George

Mumbai (Principal)

STEM Academy’s revolutionary program will change the educational paradigm in India. Our teachers, students, PTA are all overwhelmed and motivated

Padmini Sitaraman

Chennai (Principal)

Seeing the excitement on teachers’ faces, we are convinced that STEM is the future and we will be ready to start the program as soon as possible.

STEM World School

Kolkata (Director)

I want to kickstart STEM Academy’s Center of Excellence this year, adopt the full STEM curriculum and encourage other schools as well to implement STEM.

Rupam Sah

Delhi, India (Training Consultant)

My team and I love the concept and I am sure it will have a positive impact on the education scene

Meenakshi Saran

Mumbai, India (Student)

If I am taught Science and Math through STEM pedagogy, I will fulfill my dream of becoming an inventor and some day aspire to win Nobel prize

Aditya Saxena

Delhi, India (Student)

I am very fortunate that STEM Academy has introduced new way of hands-on learning. I have so much fun actually understanding the concept by practical application

Sapna Mahadev

Chennai (Student)

I could experience my creative mind trigger the moment STEM impelled me to think finding solution to the real life challenge of overcoming floods

Som Bansal


Vow, I cannot wait for my school to start implementing full-fledged STEM program. It is so beneficial to actual learning assisted by group study.