Why STEM Academy of USA?

It’s all about authentic STEM crafted by STEM Academy and customized for India .

STEM is not simply robotics or just tool kits. Founded by educationists who truly comprehend the nuances and benefits of challenge based learning and the innovative potential that it holds for Indian education, STEM Academy has worked tenaciously with international and US subject matter experts adapting the STEM modules to Indian syllabus and India schools. Over past several years, innumerable man-hours of painstaking effort has yielded valuable IP protected content relevant to each Science and Math concept taught in Indian schools. A unique structured STEM strategy ensures that students from Grade 4 thru 10 imbibe STEM curriculum comfortably understand salient concepts through hands-on practical tool kits all geared as part of the school time table catalyzed by peer to peer group learning. As a proven strategy, STEM Academy promotes a total solution approach encompassing an easy-to-assimilate step-wise friendly demo presentations, teacher training (and certification), pilot STEM program and full blown year-long implementation.

STEM Education and Life Science careers

STEM school- place to be

STEM Academy propounds experiential learning, STEM competitions, international student exchange programs etc. and not just tool suppliers or game builders or even simply robotic pushers. There is constant out-of-the-box thinking and striving to structure environments conducive to make learning a fun experience. It’s about promoting a holistic vision of students becoming world leaders be it any arena- social, business or otherwise.

STEM Academy of USA introduces middle and secondary school students (grades 4-10) to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) by immersing them in integrated, inter-disciplinary, hands-on projects that are based on problems of our present and future world. Developed in collaboration with leading U.S. and global STEM organizations, STEM Academy courses encourage students to be inspired and invent. Teachers increasingly adopt the role of 'Facilitators' as opposed to 'Instructors' steering students to explore and learn while they comfortably complete the prescribed syllabus and ensure remarkable improvement in academic performance during tests / exams. So, there is no additional burden on teachers while the students become much more creative; ready to face the world.

Stem USA

STEM- Unfolding "Mysteries of the Unseen World"

STEM Academy courses are designed to have students solve real-world problems while being aligned to CBSE/ICSE/IB syllabus. The USP (unique selling proposition) is the structured manner in which STEM courses are knit as part of year long school curriculum so as not to put extra burden on teachers vested with completing prescribed syllabus. They, in fact, help students to way better understand the concepts of Math and Science thus assisting teachers to reach their goals and preparing students to become problem solvers and creative out-of-the-box thinkers to boldly and successfully face and resolve constantly emerging global challenges. The course tends to break down the barriers between subject areas that are often present in a traditional school schedule.