Creating World Leaders

STEM Academy of USA, helps develop creative thinking and global citizens.

Dedicated to Excellence

Stem Academy of USA is dedicated to excellence. We help you get best benefit out of a STEM oriented curricula.

Why STEM Academy of USA?

We understand problem based learning and implement solution oriented STEM modules Grades 4 thru 10 to instill interest and love for Science and Math such as to harness students’ innovative urge. We excel in creating a stimulating educational environment which encourages inquisitiveness, enquiry and out-of-the-box thinking which helps schools proudly produce astute business and social leaders.


STEM Academy Of USA, creates an environment where children are happy, confident and enthusiastic learners. Contact us to learn more about how we prepare most of our students to be successful.


Explore our programs and develop curiosity and interest about learning. Our primary focus is to enable students to explore and understand the problem based solution-oriented learning through different modules we offer so they can apply in their daily lives.


Discover and engage students in innovative sessions. Whilst we aim to ensure every child reaches their full potential academically, they are also taught that they can be successful in many different ways. This harnesses their creative talent and helps shape leadership skills.