STEM – Realizing India’s Innovation Dream

Perfect blend of fun and learning to make your child an innovator!

Captivating students, Empowering teachers , Transforming classrooms

STEM Through The Eyes Of The World

STEM Education: Developing 21st century problem solvers

K-12 Interdisciplinary STEM learning

Women Empowerment: STEM for new generation of girls

If STEM has benefitted America, it definitely will propel India

Inciting Inquiry, Instilling inspiration, Igniting Innovation

We Believe…

We believe in every child’s innate desire to learn and discover

We believe in education from the inside out

We believe in innovation, not standardization

We believe in children asking questions rather than simply memorizing

We believe in the process of creative thinking being more powerful

The Secret Sauce

What makes us unique and the best in STEM is our secret sauce :
If you are serious about implementing stem based learning, if you are sincere about catapulting your school to the top and seeing its reputation skyrocket and if you are solidly determined about cultivating innovative geniuses, developing creative thinkers and shaping future business and social leaders then look no further…simply call us for a demo and we'll reveal to you our secret sauce that can and will make your vision a reality.

Neuroscience has established that prefrontal cortex in human brain lights up as LED (Learn, Explore, Discover) during experiential STEM based: hands-on learning, triggering exploration and subsequent innovation.


STEM Academy Of USA creates an environment where children are curious, introspective, and enthusiastic learners. This leads to confidence and belief in their creative aptitude.


STEM programs motivate children to explore and develop genuine love for and interest in learning. Children are encouraged to explore in a group peer-to-peer setting through easy to comprehend tool-kits. From early age, children truly understand Math and Science concepts and relate them to day-to-day basic engineering and technology. They try to find solutions to challenges.


Self discovery and engagement among children stimulates innovation. Whilst STEM aims to ensure every child reaches full potential academically, he/she assumes a 360 degree holistic vision to success. This has proven to harness creative talent and help shape leadership skills.

Total STEM Solution


Year-long STEM program knit into school time table (for Students- charge per student per month)

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Option 2:

Teacher training and certification at School Center of Excellence (for Science/Math teachers- charge per teacher)

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Option 3:

Pilot STEM week (for Students - charge per student)

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Option 4:

After school certification program {for student- charge per student}

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STEM Academy Is The Right Choice - Experience The Difference

Unlike other companies who less scrupulously talk schools into believing and passing on robotic gizmos, off-the-shelf shrink-wrapped tool kits or even pre-designed kits under the garb of STEM, STEM Academy of USA truly aims at serving the cause of innovative education. The unique process starts with conceptualizing an overarching challenge for each Science and Math concept, broken down further into sub-challenges encompassing more detailed explanation of the concepts. Well scripted easy-to-follow teacher’s manual, student workbooks, pre and post assessment analysis of students’ performance along with customized DIY hands-on practical toolkits form the constituents of each module administered to students in group setting enabling peer-to-peer out-of-the-box critical thinking and creative learning. It is our painstaking diligent effort with the sole objective to provide high academic standards, inculcate discovery, facilitate teachers to complete their syllabus and make learning so much more fun.